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about advisory

We work with clients to maximise the Company’s financial performance and sustainability through working capital improvement, business restructures, risk management and governance enhancement.

We are highly skilled specialists who provide guidance and strategic advice to company stakeholders to face financial challenges and operational difficulties with confidence and best-outcome approach. The goal is to alleviate financial stress, stabilise your operation and optimise your financial structure to improve and ensure long term viability.

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Liquidity and working capital services optimise business cash flow and financial stability, ensuring businesses can meet short-term obligations efficiently.

Liquidity and Working Capital


Our security reviews assess and analyse the underlying security for lenders dealing with secured loans in distress

Security Assessment


Our Special Situations Advisory service provides strategic guidance and expertise for complex, unique, and high-stakes business scenarios and transactions.

Special Situations Advisory


We provide strategic advice for your businesses on financial, legal, and operational matters to optimise performance and achieve its objectives.

Corporate Advisory


We provide expert guidance and analysis to resolve legal, financial, or operational conflicts in businesses or organisations.

Dispute Advisory


We offer in-depth research and analysis to evaluate business prospects, potential risks, and financial considerations for informed decision-making.

Due Diligence


We help determine the worth of your company, asset, or investment, to keep you armed with crucial knowledge for successful decision-making, transactions, and strategy development.



We combine accounting, legal, analytical, investigative and valuation skills to provide solutions for clients’ legal, business and contractual disputes. 



We identify potential threats to your business and implement measures to mitigate and manage those risks effectively.

Risks and controls

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more about business advisory

We are here to support and advise you on the best outcomes for your company, giving you peace of mind that every avenue has been explored and you have a strategic, viable, sustainable path in front of you. We work alongside clients to help them maximise financial performance and business structures, manage risk and enhance governance. 

We deal with independent business reviews, cash and working capital management and analysis, financial forecasting, interim management plans and solutions, business acquisitions and support, business refinancing, report improvements and governance assessments and improvement.


We don’t take a one size fits all strategy. Our specialists enhance business performance through commercial challenges with thorough investigation of all opportunities.
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When do I need a forensic accountant?

You may need a forensic accountant in various situations where financial expertise and investigative skills are required.

Suspected Fraud: If you suspect fraudulent activities within your organisation or need assistance in uncovering financial fraud, a forensic accountant can conduct a thorough investigation, analyse financial records, and gather evidence.

Litigation and Disputes: In legal proceedings or disputes, a forensic accountant can provide litigation support by examining financial documents, preparing expert reports, and offering expert testimony to assist in matters such as business valuations, economic damages, or contractual disputes.

Financial Irregularities: When there are discrepancies or irregularities in financial statements, a forensic accountant can conduct a detailed analysis to identify the cause, assess the impact, and help rectify any inaccuracies.

Insolvency: When a company is facing financial distress or insolvency, a forensic accountant can assist in assessing the financial position, investigating potential mismanagement or fraudulent activities, and providing guidance on recovery or restructuring options.


Who do forensic accountants help?

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