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about insolvency

We have a proven track record of delivering corporate insolvency services to clients no matter their size, industry or situation.

We leverage technical expertise, with experience derived from our many years in a variety of insolvency applications: from big corporations to SME and NFPs. We alleviate the overwhelm of pressure when faced with insolvency, identifying the opportunities that exist and provide guidance through the available options.


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We are appointed as an external administrator to assist Directors or lenders to restructure or recapitalise a company affairs.

Voluntary Administration & Deeds of Company Arrangement


We support insolvent companies voluntarily wind up its business when there is no viable turnaround.

Creditors Voluntary Winding Up


We play a critical role in safeguarding the interests of lenders who have security over distressed loans.



We assist  small businesses to overcome financial challenges, to restore financial stability, and foster growth for long-term sustainability.

Small Business Restructuring


Court liquidation is a legal process where a company's assets are sold to repay creditors and wind up its operations.

Court Liquidation

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more about insolvency

Our insolvency services provide comprehensive support and advice to guide your company towards optimal outcomes. We ensure that every possible avenue is explored, giving peace of mind and a clear path forward. 

Our comprehensive range of insolvency services also includes independent business reviews, cash and working capital management, problem forecasting, interim management plans and governance assessments. We tailor our expertise to help clients navigate to optimal outcomes.

By leveraging our expertise and tailored solutions, we assist you in navigating complex financial challenges, identifying opportunities to help you achieve the best possible result throughout the insolvency process.


We don’t take a one size fits all strategy. Our specialists enhance business performance through commercial challenges with thorough investigation of all opportunities.
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What will happen to my employees once the business is closed?

When a business is closed due to insolvency, the fate of employees can vary depending on the specific circumstances and applicable labour laws. Here are a few possible scenarios:

In some cases, employee contracts may be terminated due to the closure. In such instances, employees may be entitled to severance pay or other benefits as mandated by labour laws or employment agreements.

If the business or certain assets are sold or transferred to another company as part of a restructuring or acquisition, employees may have the opportunity to be transferred to the new entity. The terms and conditions of the transfer, including the continuity of employment and any changes to employment contracts, would be determined during the transition process.

Depending on the circumstance, government programs or schemes such as the Fair Entitlements Guarantee may provide assistance to qualified employees affected by business closures due to insolvency. This could include the payment of unemployment benefits when the Company has insufficient assets to meet the costs of employee entitlements


Director Penalty Notice: what should I do when I receive one?

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