Special Situations
and Investments

We use our financial, restructuring and operational skills to advise investors, secured creditors and borrowers in achieving value in distressed scenarios.

Activity in the private debt markets in Australia has been growing strongly. Private debt includes lending directly to corporates from non-deposit taking institutions and other lending / investment strategies, such as mezzanine and distressed debt.

A number of new distressed debt investors are entering the Australian private debt market following strong returns in the Asian region and on the anticipation of an economic downturn following high equity / asset valuations.  

An overview of our services is as follows:

  • Represent debt providers, credit funds and capital providers with lending and investments
  • Innovative restructuring including through schemes of arrangement and deeds of company arrangement
  • Analysis of the capital structure of distressed businesses and identifying opportunities for both debt and capital providers
  • Represent client in relation to debt for equity swaps and credit bids
  • Business divestment and recapitalisation
  • Assisting traditional lenders trade out of distressed loans