Fund Options (Australia) Pty Limited

Fund Options (Australia) Pty Limited ACN 603 782 903
(In Liquidation)

On 15 May 2015, the Company held a meeting of its shareholder and passed the special resolution to place the Company into voluntary liquidation.

At the meeting of creditors on 4 June 2019, attended creditors passed a resolution to appoint Vincent Pirina and Steve Naidenov as the joint and several liquidators of the Company.

On 1 April 2020, Vincent Pirina and Steve Naidenov transitioned to a new firm, being Aston Chace Group.  Notwithstanding this, Vincent Pirina and Steve Naidenov will continue in their capacity as joint and several liquidators of the Company.

2015.05.22 Fund Options – 1st RTC

2015.05.22 Fund Options – POD

2015.06.11 – Fund Options – Notice to Investors

2015.06.29 – Fund options – Notice to Creditor

2015.07.28 – Fund Options – Notice to Investors

2015.08.03 Managed Options – Notice to Investors – Joint

2015.12.07 Notice to Investors Fund Options

2016.08.08 Fund Options Annual Report

2017.08.10 Fund Options Annual Report

2017.08.14 Fund Options Notice to Creditors

2018.08.15 ASIC S508 Report

2018.12.05 Court Order

2019.01.16 Notice to Depositors

2019.05.21 Report to Creditors- Signed

2019.09.04 Statutory Report to Creditors

2019.10.18 Notice to Depositors

2020.09.02 Court Order

2020.12.17 – Notice to Australian Depositors

2020.12.17 – Notice to Overseas Depositors

2021.03.17 – Notice to Australian Depositors

2021.03.17 – Notice to Overseas Depositors

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